United Kingdom

Shipping & Returns

Returned Commitment

We provide comprehensive after-sales service, commitment from the customer's receipt of goods (subject to receipt date) within the same day, if you are not satisfied for goods, Subject to the return policy, we will provide no reason to return service, but the freight must be borne by you.

Return Policy

Returns of goods need not affect the secondary sales, the following will not be accepted for return:

It has been washed, already dressed in use or for your personal causes damage to merchandise
Missing merchandise original label, tag, packaging
Supplied with the goods missing gifts, accessories
Non-quality problems gifts and vouchers
Returns over the period required

Other Considerations

We do not accept other channels to buy goods store, etc. Returns
Cleaning Kit Inseparable Return
And online customer service staff need to get in touch before the implementation of return matters return. No contact customer service directly returned merchandise, we will do reject treatment.

Return Process

Please receive the goods within the prescribed time limit to return the application submitted online and contact the online customer service, confirm compliance with the return conditions.

Please be ready to return merchandise, be sure to return the shopping detailed list with the goods, if you lose this alone, can be placed in a paper written on the package: the invoice number, returned goods (Num / number), the reasons for return, return need to be gifts, accessories together returned.

Other Considerations

Please note that a one-time return merchandise return
Please be sure to include this shopping detailed list, without shopping detailed list, it will affect your return Formalities not contact customer service directly returned merchandise, we will do reject treatment.